Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Special Events Staffing, Inc., discretion is as much a part of our business as delivering results for our clients. We value our customers’ privacy and recognize the trust our customers place with us. Special Events Staffing is committed to protecting your personal data and adheres to the highest ethical standards in processing that data.

This policy is intended to inform you of what information Special Events Staffing collects from its customers, what it does with that data, and what Special Events Staffing does to ensure that your personal data is kept confidential and safe. Special Events Staffing may change this policy from time to time without prior notice. Any changes will appear on this page. Please check the policy periodically for any changes.

What personal data does Special Events Staffing collect about me and why?
Special Events Staffing does not collect any data from our users except when they provide specific information for the following functions:

  • Request information from Special Events Staffing
  • Request a job order
  • Apply for a position
  • Download a research report
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Send articles to others from the Special Events Staffing website

How does Special Events Staffing use my personal data?
Special Events Staffing will only use the personal data users provide in a registration form to send out an e-mail newsletter which the user has opted to receive. All users may opt out of receiving the newsletter at any time.

Special Events Staffing will occasionally use preference information (in aggregate with other customers) to help us optimize our business methods and provide a higher level of service. Special Events Staffing never uses a specific customer’s information for such purposes.

Does Special Events Staffing share my personal data with anyone?
Special Events Staffing may provide personal data to regulatory authorities and law enforcement officials in accordance with applicable law.